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In 2022, campaigns we orchestrated organically reached over 1 billion people — shaping public opinion, driving media dialogues, and propelling our clients to the forefront of their fields.  In 2023, we're shooting even higher.

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We're problem-solvers, storytellers and strategists, and we help companies leverage the power of the media to achieve their most important strategic objectives.

We Invest. We sometimes make strategic investments in companies when we see an opportunity to add value through brand-building, storytelling and strategic media relations.

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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." Ben Franklin Quote

From publicly traded firms, to unicorn tech startups, to early-stage companies just beginning to build their brands, the one common thread across our clients is that the future they’re building is one we want to live in.

Current and recent clients have spanned:   venture capital,   fintech,   artificial intelligence, digital banking, retail trading, Web3 & DeFi, NFTs, social networks, B2B SaaS, digital identity and cybersecurity, real estate crowdfunding, retail-tech, media, fitness, student loans, the resale economy, co-living, fertility health, intellectual property, biosciences, ed-tech, public art, leadership coaching and organizational consulting.


  • PR isn’t a goal. It’s a tool.

    A tool that can be used to reach targeted groups of people and shape their perceptions - so as to produce intended outcomes that propel our clients toward their strategic objectives. Success isn’t measured in “views” or “eyeballs;” it’s measured by whether or not you achieve the objectives necessary to become a market-leader with a long-term competitive advantage. 

  • Understanding is our foundation.

    A foundational pillar across all of our work is understanding. We work to understand your business and the key drivers of its growth, and atop that foundation, we construct and execute organic media campaigns that propel your flywheel and help you reach your most important goals.

  • Communications as a core competency.

    Just like Product, Marketing and Sales are essential core competencies in any business, our work enables clients to add Communications to that list. Whether the aim is to drive user growth, land a strategic partnership, secure a government contract, or close a round of funding, we make sure that if there’s a way to expedite the process through PR, that we find it and pursue it.

  • Build trust before a “purchase decision.”

    A warm intro is 10X more effective than a cold call. Our job is to replicate that effect at scale - to use PR to make sure that whomever it is that you’re trying to influence has already heard of you and trusts you before it’s time to make a “purchase decision.”

  • Branding as PR.

    If a brand’s identity and core messaging isn’t as compelling as it could be, all communications & PR efforts become more difficult. Therefore, our engagements often begin with branding and messaging work, and that work often becomes the basis of a company’s long-term identity. 

Our approach for impactful PR.
Lauren Wallack Estes PR Agency


Lauren Wallack is a PR veteran who previously co-founded Moxie Communications, one of the leading tech-focused PR firms in the US, with offices in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. At Moxie, Lauren’s areas of focus included consumer technology, e-commerce, and lifestyle and fashion brands.  Presently, in addition to her role at Outlier Partners, Lauren serves as the Public Relations Advisor to Struck Capital.

Stephen Estes PR Agency


Stephen Estes  is a venture-backed tech founder with extensive experience building teams, creating brands, bringing products to market, finding product-market fit, and scaling. He leads Outlier Partners’ strategy work, and brings an OKR-driven approach to each client engagement – aligning media campaigns with our clients’ business goals